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I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Linda for several years. From the first time we met it was clear that she is a talented and knowledgeable designer.

Linda has a remarkable ability to pick up on your personal style and give you a design that is uniquely yours. Over the past 15 years Linda has helped me redesign my house from top to bottom including a full renovation of my kitchen and 2 1/2 bathrooms. My kitchen not only turned out beautiful but is now functions far better and is a pleasure to work in. My master bath is now breathtaking and has truly become a spa-like retreat.

Linda has been an indispensible resource for everything I have done including window treatments, wall colors and flooring as well as furniture and how to arrange it. She has an amazing eye for color and a great knowledge of available products. You will not end up with a cookie cutter design or finishes. I couldn't be happier with the way everything has turned out and I can't imagine what my house would look like if I hadn't had the good fortune to meet Linda!

Linda was always a pleasure to work with and the only thing you will be sorry about when your project is completed is that you won't get to spend as much time with her! I would recommend Linda without reservation for any design project, large or small.

Adria E
Guilderland, New York

I met Linda over ten years ago. Since that time she has assisted my wife and me in completely redoing all the rooms in my home, including the master bedroom bathroom, kitchen, family room, four bedrooms and sun room.

She has over seen the painting, coordination of furniture, fixtures, lighting, painting and wall paper where desired. We have always been happy with her expertise and understanding of our desires, not just what she though would be best.

During these years we have also become good friends as well as relying on her skills as a decorator to make our home a place our children, grandchildren and we can enjoy family events and entertain our friends.

Name Witheld
New York

My husband John and I have known Linda Gerace Skinner for over 13 years as both a designer for our home and later as a dear friend. Linda is essential to our lives because she is just a very good person and a brilliant designer. She is also the most honest person I have ever worked with, which is how we became such good friends. I would trust her with our lives. And she is just so good at what she does in the design field, so creative and adaptable to her clients' needs that I find her work and her heart move at the same pace.

We first met Linda when I returned to Stickley Furniture to purchase a second piece of furniture for our home. My first experience there had not been very satisfactory. The person whom I worked with was someone I did not know, someone who offered no ideas Or suggestions and never really asked me about our house interior or its style. When I met Linda, we talked about all the aspects of our house which had several antique pieces of furniture but had very mix and match pieces otherwise that were gifts from our families. The house just had not come together.

Linda took us in hand and over the years has helped us in every way conceivable. We went room by room, slowly for our budget was not large, but she was very patient and let me go and shop and look at my own pace, offering ideas as we went along. When we had a disastrous flood in our home and a tree fell on the house and damaged some furniture and a window, Linda helped us find good people and honest people to help. She designed our kitchen, which was a major renovation for us, traditional, which is our style and it's magnificent. It is now a joy to work in that kitchen and my husband loves it too. She helped to keep us within budget and was always on time with any order or group who was called in to work On floors or tile. Her sub-contractors were the best and most reliable in the world. I still use them today.

Everything about Linda Is honest and creative, those twin elements one does not often find in a person. Linda was the best thing to come into our home and our lives. Anyone would be blessed who works with her.

Rosamond and John T
Delmar, New York
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